Safety of Funds

Fund Protection

Choosing a Forex Broker relies heavily how your funds are protected and handled. Fort Trades implements many steps to ensure the diligent handling and protection of its clients at all times using regulatory approved procedures.

Segregation of Funds

By keeping client’s funds in segregated accounts means that your money cannot be used as a working capital by the broker and remain fully protected and accessible 100% of the time. As a regulated broker, we observe strict international minimal equity capital requirements and are regularly audited to ensure all clients funds are handled in accordance with financial services regulations.

Bank Execution Venues

Orders are submitted through Fort Trades are sent to leading FX execution venues such as banks. This means that the counter-party of your trades is a trusted and regulated liquidity provider. These venues are responsible for paying all winning positions and easily cover large trading exposure and means your broker is not trading against you.

Regulatory Supervision

All regulated Forex Brokers are required to handle all accounts and money flow according to strict financial standards, including capital adequacy requirements. Each day, financial reports are submitted to ensure that there is adequate capital to cover all liabilities and to ensure that company funds are held separately from the segregate client funds pool (according to procedures). The regulator and is required by law to maintain adequate capital to cover all client deposits, potential fluctuations in all open positions and outstanding expenses.

Regulated Brokerage is a fully regulated and licensed Financial Services Provider under the licence number IFSC/60/324/TS/17 granted by the International Financial Services Commission(IFSC).